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Welcome to the artistic world of Charlie Peacock!

















November 24, 2023  NEWS UPDATE


Sign up to attend the book launches and receive early info HERE.

New Collection of Visual Art.


Friends, the 10% discount is still in effect. Just use the code: CPART10.

This offer is valid through Cyber Monday, giving you the perfect opportunity to start your holiday shopping or treat yourself to something special.


Introducing Over 45 New Works of Art. Now That's a Playlist!


CP is thrilled to unveil over 45 new works, including acrylic-on-canvas paintings, and fine art prints that exude the energy and passion he is known for. The best part? Almost every painting comes beautifully framed, ready to grace your walls and ignite conversations.


Wearable Art? Yes, Please!


CP has also added several items to his line of artful apparel. Dive into a collection of hoodies, t-shirts, and caps, each bearing Charlie's unique artistic touch. It's wearable art that lets you carry a piece of CP's creativity wherever you go.


Everything's $200* – That's Not a Typo


Charlie believes art should be accessible to everyone. That's why we've helped him price his small format original acrylic paintings and fine art prints at an incredibly friendly $200. It's your chance to own a piece of Charlie Peacock's art without breaking the bank.


Remember, the special 10% discount code CPART10 is CP's way of saying thank you for your support. t's time to deck those halls, walls, and wardrobes with something from Charlie's imagination. Happy shopping!


* Well, almost everything. Three original paintings are a bit more, and lots of other stuff is less.

But it made for some good marketing copy! NOTE: 10% discount code good for paintings and fine art prints only.


P.S. Got a moment? CP and Andi are gearing up for some exciting book launches, and they'd love your insights! Take a quick second to answer a one-question query and be part of the release of their upcoming books, including the HarperCollins W release of

Why Everything That Doesn't Matter, Matters So Much. Pre-order available now.

Register now to attend the Nashville Book Launch and others
Publicity and Podcast Requests: Elizabeth Hawkins, W Publicity Manager

Check out Charlie's homage to '90s acid-jazz collaboration with jazz trumpet legend Eddie Henderson. LA rapper, Dangerboy, Mike Clark, and Jeff Coffin join in as well. Enjoy this Official Music Video now! Be sure to Like and Subscribe. It all helps CP get more views!

2022's jazz release, Blue For You, had a great year! Thank you. The Spotify editorial team chose the title track for the Best Jazz Songs of 2022 playlist. Check it here.

For Charlie's fine art originals and prints, artful apparel and more, visit and bookmark CharliePeacockVisualArtist. Or, click the Art Gallery button on this page.

The long-awaited sample/beat pack from Charlie is NOW available. See menu for info and purchase. Discount code for 25% off retail: ELEMENTS25

Charlie’s most recent music releases include: 

BOLINGO YA LELO, a joint featuring African, American and UK artists (Edd Bateman, King Fire, Tony Essamay, Felix Ngindu, Jeff Coffin, Eric Harland, Matthew White).

BLUE FOR YOU, a jazz quintet EP with CP on piano, featuring Chris Potter (sax), John Patitucci (bass), Eric Harland (drums), and Marcus Printup (trumpet).


SKIN AND WIND, Charlie's most current singer/songwriter recording from 2021.


TROUT CREEK RANCH, Charlie's most recent solo piano outing, remixed and remastered by Richie Biggs in 2022.


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