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“The ELEMENTS sample pack is an eclectic collection of sounds that will no doubt inspire producers of all styles of music. Whether it’s percussive or melodic inspiration you’re looking for, this pack has it in spades!”

- Mike Elizondo, music producer  (Eminem, Fiona Apple, Twenty One Pilots)

Silver_CP Elements_110_Cm_DemoCharlie Peacock
00:00 / 02:09
Neon_CP Elements DemoCharlie Peacock
00:00 / 01:53
Argon_CP Elements_80_C#m_DemoCharlie Peacock
00:00 / 02:05
Indium_CP Elements_64_Dm_DemoCharlie Peacock
00:00 / 02:32
Zinc_CP Elements_95_Am_DemoCharlie Peacock
00:00 / 02:38

Specs: 2.8GB

400+ Elements

24/48 WAV


ELEMENTS: Experiments in Music Production is the first-ever sample set from Grammy Award-winning producer CHARLIE PEACOCK. Having owned hundreds of sample banks throughout his career, Charlie knows what songwriters, beatmakers, and producers are looking for – either current sounds tied to a specific genre or something entirely original and inspiring.

Charlie's producer bank is all about the second option. A zillion one-shots and drum loops are already available from the usual suspects. CP's collection concentrates on one-of-a-kind harmonic and melodic beats applicable to multiple genres, including Soul/R&B, Soundtrack, Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, and Jazz. Each element is mastered at -6dB giving you plenty of headroom to build your track. Elements comes with five banks, Neon, Zinc, Argon, Silver, and Indium - all artfully demoed by CP (see mp3 player).

What makes this producer bank unlike any you've ever heard, though, is Charlie's piano, electric piano, and guitar performances. Each of the five producer banks includes CP's improvisational responses and crafted parts to his own beats. This stylized and proven, producer-centric content gives you unlimited options based around a key center – from melody and motif to chord changes and jazz improvisation. You can slice, shift, and transform this material with edits and your favorite plug-ins and be confident it will cut together seamlessly. And not only once for a single song, either. This producer pack gives you infinite possibilities for imaginative creativity.

Straight to the point – Charlie's Experiments in Music Production is the one-stop producer pack that will help make your beats, tracks, and songs original and uniquely you.


“I’m always searching for fresh inspiration to jumpstart a new song idea. With seemingly endless options for melodic and percussive manipulation, CP’s ELEMENTS has everything I need to build a completely unique track to inspire my next song. ELEMENTS is so much more than a sample pack. It’s an experience!”  
-Sam Ashworth, Oscar and Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer (Leslie Odom Jr., H.E.R., Afrojack)


"Charlie Peacock’s ELEMENTS is chock-full with a wide range of creative and sonically stellar samples. Producers, songwriters, beat makers, musicians from beginner to pro will have a field day building inspired tracks with this excellent collection. Highly recommended!”
-Lyle Workman, guitarist/film composer (Sting, Norah Jones, Superbad, The 40-Year-Old Virgin)


“I've been looking for something to focus my production around, and ELEMENTS is the perfect set. Charlie Peacock brings his distinct flair to these super-usable samples.” 
-Ciel Eckard-Lee, engineer (H.E.R., Pop Smoke)


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