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Artist Discography

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Bolingo Ya Lelo
Two We Will One Day Meet
Sketches of Noir
Swingin' Mack Daddy
Trout Creek Ranch
Veuillez Choisir L'Amour
Bailando en la Arena
Way That You Move
That Kind of Girl
Sao Paulo Silhouette
Go Light, Go Free
Brooklyn Brother Bond
Lake Charles Two-Step
Eye on the Spy
Paisley Crusader
Skin and Wind
When You Move Me
Holding On and Letting Go
Your Stardust Kiss
See For Miles
Surprised Me Too
Freedom Come Tonight
Sunny Everywhere We Go
After All These Years
One Together
Whole Lot Different Whole Lot the Same
With God Everything Is Possible
Lyricus Minimus Voxology
Music for Film
Beauregard Breakdown Blues
East Village 3AM
Behind the Board, Vol. Two
Dance Magnificat
Behind the Board, Vol. One
Young & Free
Charlie Peacock & Les Chanteueses
Top of the Beautiful
Drinking From the Wordless Well
Family Fiddle
Three for Alice
Flower in Bloom
The Finish Line
Lil' Willie
Memories Like Diamonds
Epic Dream Day
Souled-Out Fellowship of Friends & Funk
Jazz Composer, Volume One
Automatt (Live)
When Light Flashes Help Is On The Way
In the Light
White Bikini
That's the Way They Came to Us
No Man's Land
Arc of the Circle
Love Press Ex-Curio
Full Circle
Kingdom Come
In the Light - the Very Best of
Everything That Is On My Mind
Love Life
The Secret of Time
West Coast Diaries Vol. I
West Coast Diaries Vol. II
Self-Titled CP
Lie Down In the Grass
Last Vestiges of Honor - 40th Anniversary