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Selected Jazz Discography

2005 – LOVE PRESS EX-CURIO, feat. James Genus, Victor Wooten, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Ralph Alessi, Ravi Coltrane, Kirk Whalum, Jeff Coffin, Craig Nelson, Jim White, Myles Boisen, Henry Robinett, Jerry McPherson, Roger Smith, Gino Robair, Tony Miracle, & Kip Kubin

2008 – ARC OF THE CIRCLE, feat. Jeff Coffin, Marc Ribot, Derrek Phillips, Tony Miracle, Joe Murphy, & Chad Howat

2014 – LEMONADE, feat. Charlie Peacock, solo piano

2018 – WHEN LIGHT FLASHES HELP IS ON THE WAY, feat. Jeff Coffin, Ben Perowsky, Felix Pastorius, Hilmar Jensson, Jeff Taylor, Jerry McPherson, Tony Miracle, Matthew White, Andy Leftwich, Scott Mulvahill, Matt Wigton, & Jordan Perlson 

2018 – AUTOMATT (single), feat. Jeff Coffin, Derrek Phillips, Vicente Archer, & Jerry McPherson

2019 – JAZZ COMPOSER, VOL. ONE, feat. Chris Walters, Matt Wigton, Matthew White, Jeff Coffin, Chris Brown, Matt Endahl

2019 – THREE FOR ALICE, feat. Jody Nardone & Matt Endahl

2020 – WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE (single), feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo, James Genus, & Don Alias (re-release).

2020 – AFTER ALL THESE YEARS (single), feat. Steve Swallow

2020 – SURPRISED ME TOO (single), feat. CJ Camerieri, Gabriel Cabezas, & Jeff Coffin

2020 – SEE FOR MILES, feat. Matthew White, Jeff Coffin, & Philip Lassiter

2021 – TROUT CREEK RANCH, feat. Charlie Peacock, solo piano

2021 – BLUE MIDNIGHT (single), feat. Matthew White

2021 – THIS TIME (single), feat. Eric Harland & Peter Bernstein

2021 – BROOKLYN BROTHER BOND (single), feat. John Patitucci

2021 – GO LIGHT GO FREE, feat. Turtle Island String Quartet

2021 – SAO PAULO SILHOUETTE, feat. Jeff Coffin & WonderTwins

2021 – VEUILLEZ CHOISIR L’AMOUR (single), feat. Jeff Coffin & Jumdunkee
2022 – BLUE FOR YOU, feat. John Patitucci, Eric Harland, Chris Potter, & Marcus Printup

2022 – SKETCHES OF NOIR, feat. Chris Brown, Matthew White, & Jeff Coffin

2022 – BOLINGO YA LELO, feat. Edd Bateman, King Fire, Tony Essamay, Felix Ngindu, Jeff Coffin, Eric Harland, & Matthew White

2023 – KEEP MOVIN', feat. Eddie Henderson, Dangerboy, Jeff Coffin, Mike Clark & Matthew White

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